Business Voice install, manage and maintain IP PBX solutions with Voice over IP and internet connectivity, letting your office operate on an executive level. We strive to provide cost saving solutions for companies within South Africa. Because our systems are IP based,  we are able to provide remote support the moment you need it. Remote support means you can make changes to the way you receive calls in an instant without having a technician on site. We offer our SLA clients an extended 3 year warranty on their hardware with ulimited telephonic and remote support. 

Telephone Management Solutions

We, at Business Voice, understand that different companies have different requirements, that’s why our systems are tailored to your needs. We only offer the best in IP technology with the Yeastar IP PBX range and Yealink IP Telephones. Yeastar’s S-series PBX’s offer call recording, mobile extensions, free calls between extensions, voicemail to email and many more features. You can be content that your employees can stay in touch, even when they are out of the office. All Yealink IP phones come standard with HD voice, providing only the best in communication quality.

Voice Solutions

Business Voice partnered with Vox Telecom - who is one of the leading VoIP suppliers in South Africa - to provide voice solutions that we offer as part of your cost saving solution. We offer single and Uncapped VoIP solutions. Single SIP calls are billed at 41c flat rate per minute to all SA destinations including landline and mobile numbers. Uncapped voice solutions will depend on the amount of concurrent calls required. Single uncapped voice offer only 1 concurrent call and is specially designed for the Vobi app on Android and OS. All uncapped SIP accounts include calls to all SA destinations including landline and mobile numbers.

Internet Solutions

Business Voice provide internet solutions to consumers and businesses across South Africa. We offer Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Business, ADSL, VDSL, Wireless, Satellite and LTE-Rain. All "paperwork" for the application is handled electronically so you can apply from the comfort of your home or office. We are dedicated to getting you connected to the best network that is available in your area. No more waiting hours in a queue to get an application completed and hand in a pile of paperwork!